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Karissa S
Veterinary Receptionist

Hello! My name is Karissa. I have a beautiful daughter and wonderful fiancé, along with our dog Shade and 2 cats, Anakin and Harlow. When we're not tending to our animals, we're always outside exploring. On my own downtime, I love to read, draw and dance around our house with my daughter. 

Hello, my name is Karissa. I am originally from the Chicago area and moved to Rock Island in 2017 where I graduated from high school. As a child, I was always surrounded by animals. I got my first dog at 5 years old, Snowball and she was my first ball of love. I sadly lost her in 2015, but she forever lives in my heart. I have always dreamed of having my own farm filled with horses, ducks, goats and maybe a couple of cows. That is a dream I have had for a long time. After high school, I got lost on my journey through my young life, very unsure of what I wanted to do with my future. Then I had my beautiful daughter Adaline, and it was in those moments when I first held her that I knew I wanted to be someone she would be proud of. She has helped me grow and discover passions of mine that I lost a very long time ago. My daughter and Fiancé are the two most important people in my life, along with our dog Shade and two cats, Anakin and Harlow. I have always been fond of Veterinary Medicine and when I saw Blue Grass Veterinary Hospital was searching for a receptionist, I took a leap of faith and applied, with hopes of being able to learn and interact with animals as much as I can. I am so grateful to Blue Grass for giving me the opportunity of joining their wonderful team and giving the best care to our best four-legged friends. They are a wonderful establishment and very welcoming. I believe with them I can go far and open doors for me that I feared were shut on me for a long time.