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What is Zoonosis?

A zoonosis is any infectious disease that can be transmitted between species, including humans.   Some diseases and parasites that our "furry friends" can acquire are zoonotic.   Examples of zoonotic diseases that we can vaccinate against are Rabies and Leptopirosis.  

Common zoonotic diseases seen in our pets are intestinal parasites.    Intestinal parasites are sometimes found in our yards as well as in parks and playgrounds.   The best protection is have your "furry friend's" stool sample microscopically checked annually.   

Many times when you schedule your annual exam or have a new additon to your family, the hospital staff will request you bring in a small sample of the stool to verify your pet does not have any intestinal parasites.

When a staff member is able to process a fecal flotation test they are looking for evidence of intestinal parasite eggs.   Intestinal parasites can cause weight loss, diarrhea, and sometimes make your pet very, very sick.  Many intestinal parasites are transferable to humans.

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