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Treats and Toys

a__60483_std.jpgEvery dog in the neighborhood wants to be the first to have a "bungee gecko".   Our soft furry bungee geckos come in assorted colors with two "squeakers".

Don't forget pick up one of the assorted colors of "catnip" mice for your feline hunter at home!

Blue Grass Veterinary Hospital carries a variety of cat and dog treats including Composure Pro Chews and select Hills Prescription Diet Treats.  

A new canine and feline treat called "Neat Treats" has been added to our inventory. Neat Treats are palatable and a great treat to use to administer medication to your pet!   The are soft and easily form around the medication, or can simply be given as a treat and reward.  Best part-dogs and cats love them!


Blue Grass Veterinary Hospital offer a full spectrum of home care dental products including C.E.T. Premium Dental Chews, C.E.T. Veggie dental Tartar Control Treats and a Chlorhexidene Rinse as well as paste and brushes.

Start your frequent buyer card for all C.E.T. dental products today!   Purchase 5 products and get the 6th product 50% off!

These products help to keep the teeth clean and breath fresh even when you can't brush everyday.

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