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Product Specials


Heartgard Plus/NexGard Combo Offers:

Buy 12 doses of Heartgard AND 12 doses of NexGard at the same time and receive a $60 instant rebate!   

            -NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME, you will  receive an additional $15 instant rebate with this combo to equal a total of $75 in savings!!


Buy 12 doses of Heartgard AND 6 doses of NexGard and receive a $35 instant rebate!


Buy 6 doses of Heartgard and 6 doses of NexGard and receive a $25 instant rebate!

*These rebates can be combined between multiple patients!

Heartworm Prevention      


-Dogs only

-This prescription chew helps protect your dog against Heartworm Disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes.  It also contains de-wormer for a few common intestinal parasites and is recommended to be given every 30 days year-round.



Buy 12 doses/receive a $15 instant rebate.  

Flea and Tick Prevention


-Dogs only


-The Nexgard soft chew tablet is FDA-approved and proven safe for use in DOGS only.  This prescription product lasts for 30 days and is recommended to be given year-round.   No messy application!  Great beef taste!  Nexgard kills both fleas and ticks!

-Buy 6 doses, get a $15 instant rebate

-Buy 12 doses, get a $35 instant rebate

Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite, Ear Mite, Flea AND Tick Prevention  

Revolution Plus: 

-Cats only

-Prescription topical ointment that, when given every 30 days, helps protect your cat from all of the parasites listed above all year long!  


 Earn up to $60 in rewards when you sign up for Zoetis Pet Care at

APOQUEL® Tablets for Dogs

-Apoquel (Oclacitinib) is a treatment for canine atopic dermatitis, providing relief from allergic itch without the side effects of steroids.


Earn up to $100 in rewards when you sign up for Zoetis Pet Care at

Previcox (firocoxib)


Buy 30 tablets, receive a  $15 instant rebate

Buy 60 tablets, receive a $30 instant rebate

Buy 180 tablets, receive a $90 instant rebate

Updated April 15, 2022