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Heartgard/Nexgard Combo Offers:

Buy 12 doses of Heartgard AND 12 doses of Nexgard at the same time and receive a $60 rebate!


Buy 12 doses of Heartgard AND 6 doses of Nexgard and receive a $35 rebate!


Buy 6 doses of Heartgard and 6 doses of Nexgard and receive a $25 rebate!

-We will submit the rebates for you!

Heartworm Prevention      


-Dogs only

-This prescription chew helps protect your dog against Heartworm Disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes.  It also contains de-wormer for a few common intestinal parasites and is recommended to be given every 30 days year-round.



Buy 12 doses/receive a $15 rebate.  

-We will submit the rebate for you!  

Flea and Tick Preventation


-Dogs only


-The Nexgard soft chew tablet is FDA-approved and proven safe for use in DOGS only.  This prescription product lasts for 30 days and is recommended to be given year-round.   No messy application!  Great beef taste!  Nexgard kills both fleas and ticks!

-Buy 6 doses, get a $15 rebate

-Buy 12 doses, get a $35 rebate

-We will submit the rebates for you!

Frontline Gold: 

-Cats only 


-Frontline is a topical ointment that helps protect your pet from fleas and ticks and lasts for 30 days.  There is no weight restriction for this product and this is the only flea and tick preventative we carry that is NOT A PRESCRIPTION, meaning no examination of your pet is necessary in order to purchase.

Buy 6 doses, receive a $10 rebate!

Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite, Ear Mite, Flea AND Tick Prevention  

Revolution Plus: 

-Cats only

-Prescription topical ointment that, when given every 30 days, helps protect your cat from all of the parasites listed above all year long!  


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Updated 1/10/2022