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Pet Memorials (Other)

      This is Jewels, the rabbit.  She was the best rabbit ever!  We  miss her terribly and think about her everyday.  We currently have  four rabbits that we wouldn't trade for the world because we had  such a great experience with Jewels.  We love you Jewels, rest in  peace.

 Jewels: 2009-2013

 Submitted by: Jeff Roberts

This is Thumper, the rabbit. She lived to be 9 years old. What a rabbit!!

She would give you a kiss on the nose and was a very sweet baby.

Unfortunately, she got very sick, and we had to let her go.  

Love you Thumper.  Wmiss you so much!.

Thumper: 4/5/06-6/19/15

Submitted by: Jeff Roberts    


Too many good things to say about Holly. We lost our best friend. We miss her very much. We love you Holly Rabbit, RIP baby. 

Holly: 2013-6/30/17

Submitted by: Jeff and Cathy Roberts

Mom and Dad love you. You will be missed very much.Rex, was a mini Rex Rabbit. 

He passed away on my lap on 12/22/17. He was a very sweet rabbit. He was eight years old.  You will be missed forever Rex.

Rex: 2009-12/22/17

Submitted by: Jeff and Cathy Roberts

"Rocky" Roberts  2011-5/29/18

I had a hard time with Rocky passing.  What a sweet rabbit!  He never got in any trouble and was a very good rabbit.  I will miss you Rocky.  I love you my friend.

Submitted by: Jeff and Cathy Roberts