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What is Leptospirosis?

pets_1_.jpg Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can be found in most animals, including livestock and wildlife.   The bacteria passes via the urine into water sources, where they reside and reproduce.

Your dog can become infected with leptospirosis by drinking, swimming in or walking through stagnant, contaminated water.   Leptospirosis is a contagious disease and can be transmitted from dog to dog.   Although cats are potentially at risk for leptospirosis, they appear to have a natural resistance and are not vaccinated for the disease as dogs are.

People can get Leptospirosis.   While the disease is rarely fatal in humans, it can cause severe illness.  

Your veterinarian is the best person to diagnose and treat leptospirosis.  It may be a challenge to diagnose quickly and may require blood work and urine tests.

Remember protection = prevention.   By vaccinating your dog before exposure to the disease, you may avoid dealing with the disease.

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