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Home Flea Control

mycodex_env_spray.bmpHave fleas taken over your home?   After you have effectively treated your pet(s) for fleas, it is important to treat the environment.   Treating your home will help prevent the risk of re-infestation.    Before the fleas take over your home, try Mycodex Environmental Household Spray for maximum protection.   When applied correctly one can covers up to 500 square feet and also kills ticks, roaches, ants, spiders, lice, crickets, centipedes, silverfish and more.  

Remember, it is important to treat all of the pets in the environment individually for fleas.  You and your pet(s) must be out of the environment for a short time after you have treated your home.   For additional tips on flea and tick control, the staff of Blue Grass Veterinary Hospital would be happy to assist you.  

Mycodex Environmental Spray is available at Blue Grass Veterinary Hospital.